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HunstLaser - Leader in Laser Marking Technology

Founded in 2005, HUNSTLASER.com

Hunst Laser. Co., Ltd is a well- recognized laser technology leader in China laser marking machine industry. Our focus is on top-notch laser cutting machine, laser marking machine and CNC router for various materials and demanding applications.

We are founded in 2005 and have 17 years of professional experience. Hunst Laser is a laser marking machine manufacturer which represents high quality laser technology and its application expertise. We also give innovative and effective laser solutions. We provide detailed technical counseling, customer-specific application advice and our experienced engineers are willing to help you operate our laser machines in your desired applications or develop machine on your demand.

We are the best laser marking machine supplier located in the famous Chinese manufacturing city of Dongguan, we enjoy convenient transportation and advantaged industrial support.

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What Can Laser Machine Do?

The function of a laser machine is to print the products branding which is the most important part of marketing which can also add attraction to your product and help promotes your product sales. Traditional packing and printing machines have many issues such as low speed, low accuracy, and high cost. Our laser machines have overcome all these issues and now they are computer controlled and provide a non-contract processing with high accuracy, high consistency, and no consumable cost.

Our service

Reliable Services

We guarantee our customers about our reliable laser marking machine supplier services. We are the only manufacturer in the market that provide you with the replacement parts even before you send the damaged ones to us. We offer our clients a full convenience to return the damaged parts after the machines start working normally. The best part is that for smaller components like belt and pulley, there is no need to return the damaged parts. We assure you that we provide our customers with the most reliable services ever and satiate you by all means.

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We are always active on all our sites to answer all your queries and render you with the best solutions. We are just a single tap away from you and reply to you within 24 hours. We give priority to our customers and satiate them by all means. We offer you the most exciting packages and services so that you can prosper your businesses and make this trade relationship everlasting.

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On-Time Delivery

We have a huge demand in the global laser marking machine manufacturer sector because we never delay our shipments so that our clients can have a happy experience shopping with us. We provide on-time delivery no matter in which part of the world you are located. We are here to work for your convenience and satisfying you by all possible means.

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Pre and After-Sales Services

Our services are for all the dealers and end-users who are interested in getting our laser-machines and even provide them with a year’s warranty. Our communication with our clients is very convenient and humble for them. We provide the best guidance to you before the sales and ready to work on anything or any malfunction you are having difficulty with.


With 12 years of stable development, we have gained the capacities of producing and selling 3000 sets of laser machines annually and our products are well-received in more than 50 countries and regions like Russia, Brazil, Europe, the Middle East, etc.

Explore The Leading Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer In China

Hunst Laser Co., Ltd is one of the leading and top-notch laser marking machine manufacturer and supplier in China. We excel in introducing the innovative and latest machinery to the market. We provide our customers with top-quality and high-tech laser machinery, which is quite efficient in its performance. With our highly-efficient China Laser marking machine, high-precision laser markings and laser engravings are achievable on most types of materials, such as brass, stainless steel, silver, gold, copper, titanium, platinum, carbide, etc. As the superior laser marking machine supplier, we offer our services and products to most industries, like aerospace, automotive, semiconductor, medical, electronics industries, etc. We are corporate of well-skilled and talented laborers who take special care of the quality check and have maintained all the international standards to provide you with the best.

What Makes Laser Marking Machine Supplier The Prime-Most Brand?

We are the top-most Laser marking machine manufacturer of China with massive demand in the global market. The high-quality of Laser marking machine we manufacture is suitable for all types of objects. We are considered as the most reliable Laser marking machine supplier because of our excellent services with on-time delivery. We take special care of your customizations and understand your requirements. The unique China Laser marking machine we provide is eco-friendly and offers a non-contact procedure. All these factors make us stand out in not only China but in the global market.

Get High Precision China Laser Marking Machine At Cost-Effective Prices

Hunst Laser has the best variety of Laser marking machines that is why we are known as the leading laser marking machine supplier of China. These machines offer you with highly accurate results. These are faster and very efficient in their performance. We want everywhere industry to take benefit from this high-quality machine to make their sales much better. We provide you with the top-quality laser machine at economical rates to prosper your business and make this trade relationship permanent.

Experience Superior Services

We let you experience our best services by answering all your queries. We are distinguished into various sectors, including research and development, quality control, and customer care, which work with great dedication and devotion to satiate you completely. We assure you about our laser machine's quality from which you can get your desired logos, styles, and designs in whatever sizes and objects you want. As a leading laser marking machine manufacturer, we always believe in fulfilling your service to turn your imaginations into reality. Moreover, we are also the humblest staff in providing you with after-sales services.