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How to choose UV laser marking machine
2019-12-21 16:03:28
1. Due to the extremely small focused light spot and the small heat-affected zone of processing, the UV laser will not produce thermal effects and will not cause the problem of material scorching.
2. Fast marking speed and high efficiency; the machine has stable performance, small size and low power consumption.
Focus on what materials can be carved by UV laser marking machine according to process, industry, and product?

1. Consumer electronics, mobile phone parts (phone case, Apple phone, Huawei phone case, Xiaomi phone case, OPPO phone case, etc.) LCD screen engraving QR code and trademark, ceramics, sapphire sheet, micro hole drilling of FPC flexible circuit board , Cutting, biomedical glass scribing, capacitive touch screen ITO etching; metal or non-metal surface marking;
What materials can be carved by the purple laser engraving machine?

2, plastic products, silicone products, glass products, jade, jade, ceramics, acrylic products, and other products can be used purple laser engraving, can be engraved on the product LOGO trademarks, text, patterns, two-dimensional code, serial number, security Code, etc. The purple laser marking machine belongs to the cold light technology for engraving, and will not be broken and damaged due to some products that are not heated. And it has fast engraving speed, high efficiency, zero consumables and no ink.

3, suitable for high-end processing of ultra-fine processing, cosmetics, medicines, videos and other polymer materials on the surface of the packaging bottle marking, the effect is fine, the mark cleaning is firm, better than ink coding and no pollution; flexible pcb board marking, Dicing; micro wafer, blind hole processing of silicon wafers. Among them, 80% of the data cables on the market and the marking of the adapters come from the Ziguang Laser Engraving Machine.

4, suitable for glass, polymer materials and other objects marking, micro-hole processing, flexible PCB board, LCD, TFT marking, dicing cutting, metal or non-metallic coating removal, silicon wafer micro-holes, blind hole processing Cosmetics, yao products, other polymer material packaging bottles, flexible pcb board marking, dicing; gifts, LCD liquid crystal glass two-dimensional code marking, glass appliance surface drilling, metal surface plating marking, plastic keys, electronic components , Communication equipment, building materials, etc.

5, common in our lives: Apple mobile phones, IPAD, keyboard and mouse, mobile phone shell, mobile phone charger, UV plastic shell, watches and so on. The purple laser engraving machine has excellent performance.