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Laser Cutting Wood

Wood is one of the most used materials in our daily life. Laser technology offers the freedom to create complex wood workpieces in a simple way. By using laser machines, you can easily and precisely cut almost any type of wood materials into the shapes you want.

CO2 laser cutting machines can process various size of wood workpiece, such as ornament, toy, souvenir, gift, signage, furniture, building, model, puzzle, etc. The workpieces you can create limited only by your imagination.

Advantages of our laser cutting machine

● Non-contact processing, no warping of the wood material, the cutting edge is neat and no post-processing is required

● Controlled by computer, provides high consistency of the products

● Accurately contoured details

● Water cooling system ensures the steadily running of the machine in continuous processing

● Exhaust system removes dust and gas created during laser processing, keep the machine safe and clean


● Furniture

● Gifts

● Ornaments

● Phone cases

● Ornament

● Door

Other Products
Other Products