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Laser Machines for Advertising Industry

Advertising industry use huge amount of materials such as board, light guide plate, KT board, plexiglass board, acrylic board, etc. Our laser machines have obvious advantages to process these materials.

Material Saving ---- Our laser machines import the drawing to computer and can automatically optimize the layout to maximize the material utilization.

High Accuracy and Efficiency ---- Our laser machines provides high cutting accuracy, products only need one time cutting, the cutting edge is smooth and no post-processing is required.

Cost Saving ---- No mold is needed, saving a lot of costs to making and repair molds

Eco-friendly ---- No noise and no pollution, laser cutting will not violate environmental regulations. Laser cutting greatly reduces the cutting scraps and always keeps your workshop clean.

These advertising materials can be cutting or marking by laser machines

● Acrylic

● Foam Sheet

● Polystyrene

● Wood


● Plexiglass

● Corrugated Cardboard

Other Products
Other Products