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Laser Cutting Paper

Laser machines have been widely used in paper products industry, including greeting card, flyer, packing box, etc. Laser machines are tools with great flexibility. They can cut almost all geometries you input into computer. They can cut paper from any direction due to its non-contact processing. They can produce highly personalized paper products in low cost.

HUNST LASER has rich experiences in customizing laser machines, please do not hesitate to tell us your special demands, we will provide you a fittest solution.

Advantages of laser cutting paper

● Non-contact processing don’t exert pressure on the paper, clamping or fixing is also not necessary, avoid the paper crushing

● Compare to tradition knife cutting, cutting edge of laser is smooth and neat

● Enable to process complex-shaped paper products

● No consumable is needed, low energy consumption

● Suit paper products mass production


● Invitation Card

● Business Card

● Packing Box

● Greeting Card

● Flyer

Other Products
Other Products