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Laser Cutting and Engraving Textiles

Traditional die cutting process has limited accuracy and will lead to rough edge and rough selvage, and it is difficult to cut special shaped patterns. Making die cutting mold needs high cost and long production cycle. Textiles industry staves for new technologies to replace traditional die cutting.

Our laser cutting machines are ideal for these jobs. They are high accuracy, highly-automated, and easy to operate. They use computer to import and output various patterns, no need to making the die cutting mold, and can cut out special shaped pattern very quickly. Laser beam can be focused in a very tiny area to minimize the heat affected zone to create very smooth edge. So our laser cutting machines have been widely used in textile industry now.

These textile materials can be cutting by laser machine

Polyester, Aramid, Wool, Silk, Knitted Fabric, Polyamide, etc.

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