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Laser Marking Glass

Use laser to mark metals become more and more popular nowadays. Laser marking machine is small in size but strong in function. It is very accurate and provides a minimum line width at 0.01mm. It only takes seconds to processing a workpiece allow it to be used in large-scale manufacturing. Its marking effect is permanent, impossible to counterfeit or erase marking. Laser marking machine can be widely used in industries such as integrated circuit, electronic component, industrial bearing, watch, aerospace, car parts, food retail, and more.

Advantages of laser marking

● High accuracy and high quality

● Permanently marking with good heat resistance and wear resistance

● High marking speed, suitable for large-scale manufacturing

● Convenient to marking unique bar code

Advantages of our laser marking machine

● We use top notch laser device to ensure high stability laser beam and high quality speckle.

● High speed galvanometer scanner ensures high marking speed and fine marking effect.

● Portable and stable lift equipment can easily be adjusted, enable it convenient to mark at any height of workpieces.

● We could provide a fittest laser marking solution to meet your special needs. Our machine can attach rotary attachment, feeding device, HD camera with AF system and more.

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Other Products