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Where can fiber laser marking machines be applied
2019-12-31 00:23:01

What fields can fiber laser marking machines be applied to and what materials can be marked?

From an industry perspective, fiber laser marking machines are widely used in integrated circuit chips, computer parts, industrial bearings, clocks, electronics and communications products, aerospace equipment, various automotive parts, home appliances, hardware tools, molds, wires and cables, food Graphic and text marking in packaging, jewelry, tobacco, military and many other fields, as well as high-volume production line operations.

Functionally, fiber laser marking machines can:
1. Alumina black, which is a MOPA technology fiber laser marking machine that requires adjustable pulse width. Unlike ordinary fiber laser marking machines, this fiber laser marking machine is capable of marking alumina black. Fiber laser marking machine cannot do this;
2. The metal is colored. This requires some adjustments and trials of the parameters according to the material. Various colors can be printed on stainless steel.
3. The metal is black, this will not be mentioned, which is similar to the second point;
4. Online flight marking, that is, combining the fiber laser marking machine with the assembly line, and marking while feeding. This can greatly improve our work efficiency. For some markings that need to be placed on the assembly line, generally manual movement Marking inconveniences is an absolute gospel;
5. Portable fiber laser marking machine. This kind of laser marking machine is compact and does not take up space. It can meet the basic marking needs. For customers with low marking requirements, portable laser marking machines are very suitable.

In terms of materials: Fiber laser marking machines have great advantages for marking hard, brittle, and dark materials. That is to say, most of the metal materials, as well as certain non-metal materials such as plastics, can be marked by fiber laser marking machines. The marking effect is based on the actual effect. In fact, some materials such as hard plastic, CO2 laser marking machine and fiber laser marking machine can be marked, but the results are different. Of course, the prices of the two machines are also different. Yes, so customers need to choose according to their own production requirements and cost control.

In general, the fiber laser marking machine is widely used in various industries. As long as it is required to mark, it can be used. The fiber laser marking machine has low production cost and use cost, and efficient production capacity. , And its powerful functions have won the favor of all walks of life. I believe that in the near future, fiber laser marking opportunities will be accepted and applied by more industries and even the general public.