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CO2 laser Marker RF CO2 Laser

CO2 laser marker is designed for marking non-metallic materials including marking production date on food and beverage packaging, marking logo on ceramic surface. It also can be used for cutting and hollow carving very thin materials such as cardboard, board, leather, etc.

This machine use RF laser tube. Width of slit made by RF laser will be narrower because the optical quality of the beam is better, giving a finer focus spot.


Applicable Materials

Wooden product, paper, leather, cloth, denim, plexiglass, epoxy resin, acrylic, unsaturated polyester resin, etc.


1. This CO2 laser marker use Windows interface and compatible with output files of popular software including AutoCAD, Coreldraw, Photoshop, etc.

2. This machine supports various file formats like PLT, PCX, DXF, BMP, SHX, TTF, etc. It has auto-coding, graphic reverse printing and automatic jump number function. It can mark serial number, batch number, date, bar code, QR code, etc.

3. This CO2 laser marker can be used in production lines and automated production line.

Technical Parameters



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