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UV Laser Marking Machine

Investing With A Globalized China UV Laser Marking Machine Supplier

It is hard to find a sincere and trustworthy China UV laser marking machine manufacturer, but Dongguan Hunst Laser Technology Co. Ltd aims to make things easier. We deal in highly capable machinery with a variety of impressive features. Moreover, the manufacturing material we use comes from competent producers. It helps us make durable and reliable UV laser equipment while incurring sufficiently low costs. As a result, our company charges relatively affordable prices from all the prestigious clients despite being an international China UV laser marking machine supplier. We get buyers from different parts of the world with varying requirements. Needless to say, we are able to fulfill every demand with the help of our expert engineers and research workers.


Exciting Characteristics Of Our UV Laser Machines

As a globally celebrated China UV laser marking machine manufacturer, our equipment comes with a long list of features to make production processes increasingly efficient and effective. Here's a list for your reference;
1: It is an eco-friendly product that consumes relatively less power.
2: It produces a precisely controlled laser beam that functions by focusing on a restricted area causing fewer wastages.
3: Our UV laser machines have undoubtedly a wide range of applications.
4: We don't just offer cost-effective laser solutions, but time-effective ones as well.
What else does a client need? Reasonable price, durable machine and components, modernized software, technologically advanced mechanism, and multiple after-sales services. All of this is possible for a potential buyer once he/she places a well-specified order.

Looking At Our Client List

Hunst Laser has been operating within the laser industry for a long time. It took us a while to become a global phenomenon, but we did it. How? Our company employees, regardless of their position, work tirelessly to improve equipment in every aspect continually. As a renowned China UV laser marking machine supplier, we aim to satisfy all the needs and requirements without worrying about additional costs and resources. We have clients from almost every country in the world. We believe in retaining buyers while getting new ones.

Applicable Materials

UV laser marking machine is designed for hyperfine marking and engraving. It is suitable for a wide scope of applications including marking polymer materials, LCD glass substrates, glassware, electronic components, communication equipment, car parts, precision instrument, tobaccos, animal identification labels, etc. It also can be used in some special applications such as forming micro-holes and blind holes on silicon wafer, removing metal surface coating.


1. UV laser belongs to cold light that can minimize the heat affected zones and prevent materials charring, so it is suitable for the applications where heat affected zones are not allowed.

2. The minimum focusing speckle of this UV laser is 15μm, it is suitable for micropore application and micro-drilling processing.

3. There are 3W, 5W,10W layers, various platforms and fixtures, they can be choose according to the workpieces you processed.

4. Controlling software can automatically layout text, picture, bar code, serial number, QR code, and compatibility with common software such as AutoCAD, CorelDRAW, Photoshop, that provides great convenience.

5. Supporting flight marking and rotary marking, effective increase your production efficiency.

Technical Parameters


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