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CO2 Laser Cutter with CCD Camera

CO2 laser cutter with CCD camera is used in combination with special software to realize the recognition of the entire image, automatic tracing-edge, tracking the edge of trademark, edge cutting or feature points positioning of woven labels. This machine use CCD camera to automatic tracking the processed the pattern by its positioning features to ensure the processed pattern conforms to the design. It can realize high precision cutting. This machine is a perfect combination of camera positioning system, automation technology, laser technology, and artificial visual intelligence. It helps improve your production capacity and productivity.



This CO2 laser cutter with CCD camera provides a complete special-shaped profile cutting solution for special-shaped trademark, computer woven label, trademark, embroidered leather label, three-dimensional trademark, printed label, high frequency pressure label, etc. It also can precisely position, cut and drill non-metallic materials including craft embroidery, printed fabric, printed film, etc.

Applicable Materials


1. CO2 laser cutter with CCD camera can cut any curve continuously and quickly to create any pattern you designed on the computer.

2. 300W pixel CCD camera ensures clear image capture.

3. This CO2 laser cutter supports automatic recognition of edges, template application, and stitching pattern cutting. It features strong recognition ability, fast positioning ability, and high positioning accuracy.

4. It supports various position modes including feature matching, two-point positioning, multi-template positioning and image edge extraction.

5. By automatic camera positioning, this CO2 laser cutter can cut different patterns on same piece of material.

6. This machine features high cutting speed, high cutting precision, without missing or wrong cutting. The functions of fast curve cutting and shortest machining path optimization greatly improve its work efficiency.

7. It uses X-axis and Y-axis precision linear guides, stepper motor with deceleration control drive to ensure stably cutting and smooth cutting surface.

8. This CO2 laser cutter can process a wide range of materials. Its cutting edge is smooth and without small burrs. It cuts materials precisely with high speed and high efficient.

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