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Specialized lace laser cutting machine
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Specialized lace laser cutting machine

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Product Description

Product Introduction

Lace is also called the flower design fabrics, which are widely used in textile, underwear industry, Due to its soft and permeability, it has a artistic effect of mysterious and elegant which are be loved by women. But the fabric is not easy to cut because of its soft. One of the traditional cutting way is punching cutting, First of all, manually overlay every layer to 10-30 layers and put into the die cutter (punching shear), or put flower shape model of ray paper, then manually cut with a knife saw. Finally sort out the pieces manually. It was wasting time and manpower. The demand on skills of workers is high. The waste of material is serious and is not suitable for the changes of production now. Therefore, after several years of research and development, finally HUNST team successfully developed the first world automatic intelligent laser cutting machine for lace.Through using by professional manufacturers, which fully meets the requirements of production and processing.

1. Technological Comparison 

Traditional Cutting Process

①manual fixed-length before cutting

②manually fold 10 to 30 layers


③position using steel needle punching

④Position flower design using cardboard model


5. Multi-layers Manual cutting

Want a method that would replace manual cutting by machinery ?

Is it possible that 1 man can cut 200 different lace using one machine in a day? 

With Hunst Large Vision Laser Cutting Machine , It Is Not A Dream !

①Automatic feeding

②Software set mould

③Automatically cut

④Sort the pieces

To satisfy your cutting needs , all you need is Hunst Large Vision Laser Cutting Machine

Packaging & Shipping

Automatically Laser Cutting Machine for Lace

HUNST Laser Is The Only Supplier in China owns :

Research and Development of Visual Image Recognition Software + Motion System Mechanical Design +Laser Equipment Manufacture with Capability of Machine Structure Design, of All-round Research and Development

Man Power Cost:


Traditional Cutting 

Laser Cutting 


Man power for cutting 


1  (Machine 2sets

Man for Positioning 



Man for sorting 












Traditional cutting 

Laser cutting 

Reject rate 




laser cutting for patterns can be more compact



Fastness of edge

Loosen easily

No loos


Applicable material and industry

Laser cutting machine for lace and also apply for underwear and other industry that need to use the lace.

Product Introduction

After more than three years of research and development, HUNST laser cutting machine for lace specially, which successfully achieved the addition of exclusive deformation matching algorithm to the current visual recognition and mistake handling of auto-feeding cause the special technology of recognition about lace flower design.
The machine combines advantages of image recognition software of core visual , machine movement system with the whole machine structure and all-round technology design to achieve automatic recognition of high-speed and multi flower design of lace shape cutting in one-time, realization of whole roll of the materials auto-feeding and cutting in one-time.
The breakthrough of this technological problem marked the birth of new generation of the technology of lace cutting. With this technology put into use, not only means that HUNST technology of lace cutting has reached the industry-leading level, but also means that the lace laser cutting machine in place of manual cutting are no longer exist!

Technical parameters: 


Model number:


Laser head quantity:

Single head

Laser type:

Sealed CO2 Glass Tube

Laser power:

80W/100W /130W/ 150W

Cooling system:

Air conditioner thermostat water circulation system

Cutting speed:


Cutting table:

Laser cutting machine for lace specially auto-feeding table

Power Supply:

AC220V ±5%/50HZ

Gross Power:


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